CMS - Intuitive Web-Content-Management

High performance but still easy to use is the content management system by echonet. Although the content management system fits for very individual cases, it is still scalable and easy to integrate into the workflow of your content management team. 3 | Desktop © echonet communication

Content-Management-System 3

Comfortable, simple and easy to understand content management, this is why we created The in-house solution builds on the strong foundation of PHP and SQL-databases, mostly mySQL. echonet developed the content management system in the years since 1999. Special needs for customers are as important as simplicity and technical innovations

The surface of is fully web-based, so you only need a modern internet browser. It is flexible, intelligent and creates data structures with relations between the content items. So, on one hand, you will be very quick in the position to create your own website structure, navigation trees and content for your intranet- or internet-needs, on the other hand, you have full control over images, media, files, and downloads. What echonet does for you is to create the modules, which are the foundation of the content management system and make them intelligent, so they keep an eye on each other. This is amazing, if you do not want to be an amateur web designer, but instead a professional content manager. 3 | Login-Screen © echonet communication 3 | Floating Screens © echonet communication

Want for your digital presence?

If you want to use for your digital presence, let's talk about us creating the presence for you. Because with you get rid of all those annoying needs of designing every simple page on your web site, but you can start putting content - which is relevant to your users - simply online and let the system do and decide the rest for you.

Our team is looking forward to hearing from you. If you are interested or just want to be convinced, you can also see the projects which were created using as a content-management-system. You will find a selection of these systems with our projects site and the already set.